Agile Logistic Solutions use various tools when assisting our clients.  Some of these tools belong to our client, others we bring with us.  Two tools that we frequently use belong to our sister company, Agile Software Group.  These tools are AxiomCM and LSAR Doctor.


The level of Asset Configuration Management required to support a system is a delicate balancing act between existing and mandatory management systems, and the need to have a ‘one-truth’ repository that can not only synchronise these existing systems but support the majority of logistic analysis tasks and reports in a simple and logical manner.

AxiomCM permits every part of the organisation to view and update the various elements captured, thereby ensuring that the entire organisation is always looking at the most up-to-date information.  This ‘one-truth’ repository is then able to accurately support other data systems, analysis and reporting. Axiom CMTM can be utilised at any stage of the system lifecycle, from concept to sustainment.

LSAR Doctor

Agile Software Group has developed a simple and effective LSAR data reporting tool to quickly provide an accurate assessment of the LSARs data (level of completion against loaded Assets/Configuration Items).

The use of the LSAR Doctor allows us to deliver a much more comprehensive report, in the same or shorter timeframe, than a manual review could achieve.

Our report contains an overview detailing missing DEDs with an indication of percentage completeness for each review conducted. In addition, each LSAR table within the LSAR report provides specific details allowing an easily understood view of which DEDs are missing for each configuration item.