Supply Support

Supply Change Management at a Glance

The goal of any supply chain management system is to ensure that the right quantity of the right product reaches the right location on time and, importantly, at minimum cost.

Good business depends on the coordination and integration between materials, information and financial flows in a network of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and customers. The need for an effective supply chain is driven by customer needs   the flexibility, speed and quality of the chain, while retaining good cost control, lead to customer satisfaction.

Agile’s know how encompasses the six key supply chain elements that must be managed in an integrated and effective manner:

  • production
  • supply
  • inventory
  • location
  • transportation
  • information

Agile provides our clients with access to experienced professional staff with supply chain expertise, and offers a range of professional services, including:

  • formulation of supply chain strategies
  • management/implementation of clearly structured supply chains linked to and contributing to business strategy
  • review and analysis of supply chain practices
  • recommendations on specific changes to supply chain management capabilities to improve efficiency and increase value
  • modelling and simulation to analyse/optimise inventory holdings, supply chain performance and customer satisfaction
  • plans for benchmarking and performance to best practices
  • development of Request for Tender documentation for supply chain activities
  • demand forecasting and planning
  • assistance with forming logistics alliances
  • analysis of outsourcing options and economic consequences
  • management of the outsourcing of logistics functions to third party providers.
Your organisation’s ability to react quickly to changes within the chain gives you a significant advantage. This can only be accomplished through both long and short term strategic analysis of the overall supply chain design and structure. Effective supply chain management delivers reduced inventory levels, good product availability, lower operating costs, customer satisfaction and also an ability to react quickly to future changes and demands.